The Rotary Club of Tokyo South

For Make-ups in Tokyo,
Please Visit
The Rotary Club of Tokyo South,
The Place Easily Accessible from Tokyo Station.

For Those Who Need a Make-up

Our club meetings are held every Thursday from 12:30pm at Tokyo Kaikan in Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, as our home meeting venue. The visitor fee is 6,000yen for a regular, daytime meeting, and 7,000yen for an evening meeting.

Please feel free to join our meeting anytime you need a make-up. Everyone in our club is looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

The Procedures for a Make-up

A reservation in advance is not necessary to join our meeting. We are welcome you to participate in our meeting anytime you need a make-up.
In addition, for those who join our meeting for the first time, we are willing to explain the procedures necessary for a make-up.
Anyone who is the member of the Rotary Club can join our meeting for make-up.

Meeting of the Week

At our regular meeting, we enjoy authentic French cuisine at the elegant banquet hall of Tokyo Kaikan. We also enjoy chatting with members and listening the table speeches of our members. Every meetings, we invite celebrities and experts from various fields and industries to enjoy their insightful talks and speeches.
Upcoming speech schedule and the venue information are listed below. Also, please check a cuisine menu which will be updated by a day before the meeting.

2024.05.23 Opening (total 3572 times)

  • Venue
  • 3-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
    100-0005 Japan

Contact Information about Make-ups

Inquiries regarding make-ups, please feel free to contact us below.

Rotary Club of Tokyo South
Address:1-13-1,Yurakucho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo (Daiichi-Seimei Hibiya-first Bldg.)

Q&A About Make-ups

Q1 : What is “Make-up”?

A1 : The Rotary Club members (hereinafter referred to as Rotarians) are expected to attend regular club meetings or satellite club meetings. Also, they are encouraged to join volunteer activities, events, or any other activities sponsored by the Rotary club.
However, if you are unable to attend these meetings or activities at your club, you are able to make up your absence as follows;

  • ※Attend a meeting held either by other Rotary club, a provisional club, or a satellite club. (If you present at the meeting at scheduled time and place, your attendance will be approved even though the meeting will not be held.)
  • ※Attend board-approved club service projects or club-sponsored community events or meetings.
  • ※Attend board meetings or appointed service committee meetings approved by the board.
  • ※Attend online meetings or activities through the club website.
  • ※Attend meetings held by the Rotaract club, the Interact club, the Rotary Community Corps, or the Rotary Fellowship. (The provisional club’s meetings will be included.)
  • ※Attend meetings held by the RT international convention, the Council on Legislation, the International Assembly, the Rotary institute, the RI administrative board, the joint-zone convention, the RI committee, the district conferences, the area training, the district meeting held under the direction of the governor, or the duly announced intercity meeting.
  • #Above are excerpt from Rotary Club Procedure Manual.

Q2 : Is there any restrictions on area or club to join a meeting for a make-up?

A2 : You can attend any Rotary club meetings not only held in Japan, but also all over the world. Also, some clubs allow you to attend meetings by internet for make-up.

Q3 : What is the benefit you can obtain through make-ups?

A3 : The make-up is not only a tool to compensate the absence, but it is a chance to know the activities and atmosphere of other Rotary clubs. In some areas, members join a tour to visit other Rotary clubs all over the world to take these benefits.
Also, joining the meeting in other Rotary club is a chance to experience variety of activities, and to understand the scale of the overall Rotary club activities.

Q4 : What are the merits to visit Rotary Club of Tokyo South for make-up?

A4 : We emphasize three points below:

  1. Accessible location while on a business trip.

    Tokyo Kaikan, the main venue of our club, is located near the Tokyo Station.(3 minutes’ walk from the 6th exit of JR Keiyo Line, Tokyo station)
    Since the location is easily accessible, it can be said that Tokyo Kaikan is the best place for make-ups while on a business trip to Tokyo.

  2. Interesting speeches by our guests.

    At every meetings, we invite celebrities and experts from various fields and industries. Their speeches are insightful and invaluable, and have good reputation from members from other clubs who joined our meeting for a make-up.

  3. Authentic cuisine at Tokyo Kaikan, the place established in Taisho 11(1922) and keeps its tradition and formality.

    The authentic French cuisine will be served while enjoying beautiful view of the central Tokyo. Members will definitely be able to have a lively conversation with each other while enjoying delicious meals and interesting speeches. We hope your attendance at our meeting will be a great chance to start communication with our club members.